Utility Room Re-Do II


Thought I would write a little bit about what you are in right now (yes, you are in my utility room). This first image is an overview of the server room as it stands. I plan on replacing the switch with a Gigabit (currently Fast Ethernet), replacing the current Raspberry…

Utility Room Re-Do


Not that it’ll be noticed by anyone; but I decided today that my utility room (cat box room, furnace, hot water heater and misc extra computer shit room) was in dire need of a re-do. Originally I had around 10+ computers (just like your stand up desktop computers at home…

Movie Time!


If you know who you are; and I’m sure you do! Just click this link; and away you’ll go! For those that don’t know who you are, hit me up and we’ll see about getting you in the loop. –Justin